About NGPC
Mr. Sam Aboah having attended events of Ghana’s 50th Anniversary in 2008 was full of excitement and energy. At the same time with this euphoria he knew he wanted to contribute to his culture and leave a lasting impression on his peers and generations to follow. With this sense of wanting to do more, he went on a popular networking site and contacted long time friends, associates, colleagues, college mates and strangers to gage their thoughts of planning a Ghanaian Parade. 

He wanted a parade that would culminate all the aspects of Ghanaian culture in one sitting. Although the Ghanaian picnics, fashion shows, and parties were, are, and will continue to be great, the long awaited time for a Ghanaian Parade that would encompass our rich history and traditions has been ever so due.

Mr. Aboah contacted The National Council of Ghanaian Associations (NCOGA) and learned they had once attempted to host a parade, but due to obstacles encountered the event was not pronounced. Nevertheless, he knew that through the people he had contacted he would find members that would be dedicated to making this dream a reality. These same people were to become a strong group that would establish partnership with NCOGA as an affiliate of which is a nonprofit 501 ( c )(3) corporation to assure this vision. Hence, the formation of the Ghana Parade Council in February of 2008.
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