About the National Ghana Parade Council
The National Ghana Parade Council (NGPC), a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) corporation, was founded in February 2008 by Mr. Sam Aboah. Inspired by events commemorating Ghana’s 50th Anniversary in 2008, Mr. Aboah, full of excitement and euphoria, was bent on organizing an annual event that would celebrate the Ghanaian heritage and culture for generations to come. What followed were contacts to long time friends, associates, college mates and other organizations vested in promoting the Ghanaian culture to plan the first successful Ghanaian Parade to be held within the New York metropolitan area.  

Overcoming numerous obstacles other organizations had faced in attempting to host the cultural parade, NGPC held the first Ghanaian Parade in 2009, an event that has since heralded Ghanaian culture in an open-air display of music, dance, tradition and food. This long awaited event complements other showcases of Ghanaian culture - Ghanaian picnics, fashion shows, and social gatherings - while lifting the banner of Ghana all the more higher.

2017 marks the 9th Annual Ghana Parade, a success that can be celebrated and attributed to the ongoing engagement and support of the Ghanaian community, member and private organizations, and the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. With continued support, the 2017 is sure to be the best yet!
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